Monday, September 22, 2008

Vitamin - M : Dosage 2

I would be adjudged as a finicky guy, from the previous dosage. But my dear man/lady, just a quick question... "Is it perfectly normal to behave otherwise on days other than Friday??"

Having termed that post as Dosage-1, it goes without saying you would have to suffer yet another blow from me! Having said this..... Welcome to Dosage 2 :)

Certain things don't change: Discalimer - Remember this is MY Blog!! :)

Many would've got accustomed to standing in long queue(s) in the Food-Court for lunch. Picture the busy food court where everyone is in a rush to complete their grub and head back to the cubicle for.... (U kno wat... Do I have to state it? ). In this haste their definition of a Q changes a little..... Something, that was growing vertically now starts growing Horizontally... Soon you’d witness a bunch of hungry hippos in front of the counter!!

It WAS a rule of Vertical Q that the first is served first. In the present case, you imagine the plight of the vendor on the other side of the counter! Poor chap would be having a tough time serving these busy "Mannered" professionals! Whom does he serve in this maddening crowd?? I shall get back to this poor chap in a short span of time......

Resuming back to the queue on the customer side of the counter, I had a guy standing right behind me in d Q, whose face reflected, that he had been battered by his boss for his over-smart subordinates! Bingo.... yet another s/w engg!! He seemed to be in a big rush..... For what? I was not able to figure out! It didn't unnerve me for this guy was getting a lil' panicky for standing in Q!! After observing a couple of things, finally I get to be served, placed ma order and slipped a currency to the vendor, Thnx to the vendor's over-developed math mind.... he was still fidgeting his calculator to check the total! Guess that would have been driving my Q-mate a lil crazy... The total was not calculated that the Q-mate starts drifting and reaches beside me. He would have figured out from my looks that this is a vertical Q, and starts yelping his order. The vendor gave him a cold shoulder! Well i got back the change and was eagerly waiting for my drink!!! Guess wat i didn't know that the Q-mate felt like drinking the same stuff. It’s a queer world! - I thought..

This specimen showed its true colors in the acid test called "Are you suffering from Vitamin-M deficiency?" by grabbing the drink that the vendor lent out to me!! (Has to be right, for I placed the order first). Absolutely unconcerned, what the vendor and the people around would think of him!!! For certain, I would have let him go ahead, had he opened his gob while in the queue. Funny are some people. This is Indian Public.

PS: I can only vent out my anger on this post... But, put yourself in that position and get a feel of what it is to be treated like that!!

I told you.. won’t ignore the poor chap!! This bugger, whatever is the count of the ppl in front of his counter, would only serve females first [The disadvantage of not having a gal!! ;) ]!! Haven't experienced this yet?!??!?? Then... You haven't got served!!

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shaaaaaaam said...

agree...shtrong....d last point esp....wonder if d case is reverse when d servers are women... havent really made any observations :D

Dinesh Agarwal said...

I don't want to sound like a pervert for sure, but as you know curiosity kills the cat. Doesn't the picture (or as u no-brainer s/w engg call jpeg :P )attached with your dosage-2 blog display condoms?

Racer J said...

Dr (in the making) Dinzy, d answer for d image in d jpeg is.. HELL NO!

Was dat comment bcoz of shaaam's comment abt women, or is it the instilled dr instincts in u... makin u lodge dat stmt....

frnkly wen i chose it, the first thing that cross'd ma mind woz it luked like 7seas.... :) [This for sure is not being]

However... appreciate ur creative tihnking!! ;)